Kit list

Here is my 3 season kit list:

HuckePACKchen stuffed and ready to go for a 2 day trip

Gear planning:

Planning a family trek with an infant is not an easy thing done in a day, so as I research or discover equipment that I'm (considering) to bring I will list them here. As far as possible the entries are linked to either the manufacturers site or a web shop.

  • Backpacks
    • I previously bought a ULA Circuit for myself and after testing it my wife also wanted one. We're both very happy with this pack and would definitely recommend it.
    • I recently bought a Laufbursche huckePACKchen. I have to say I think it's a brilliant pack, and I find myself using it all the time, even for just running around town or to work. Laufbursche is not yet really open, but by getting in contact with Mateusz his products can be ordered.
  • MLD Cuben TrailStar
    • I just couldn't resist any longer. Once the cuben version I knew I just had to get one. I can't wait to try it out.
  • MLD Superlight Bivy
    • Together with the TrailStar I'll be using the Superlight bivy. It's my first bivy and I'm very exited to test this combo.
  • Tarptent Scarp 2 
    • I've also considered Tarptent's Hogback, but I really don't think the tent needs to be that big. The Scarp 2 is also available with a solid interior(not mesh) with crossing poles. 
    • Update: The tent has been used in the field and performed very well. After a couple of nights I finally figured out how to get it drum tight, however I also found a couple of spots where I needed to touch up the seam sealing. 
  • Western Mountaineering Ultralite
    • This seems like a reasonable bag at a reasonable price. From the look of it it's not too narrow at the legs. I'm going to do a test of it at our local Bever shop, but I'm still very tempted by the PHD Hispar Combi, which should be roomy and would also enable me to go low when combined with another Hispar bag. Expensive though.
    • Update: I've bought a WM Ultralite bag for my wife and I'm so envious of her. The bag is luxuriously fluffy and really warm. I have used my Jacks'R'Better Winter Nest for myself as a quilt. I haven't had any issues with this. 
    • Update 2: I've bought a Jacks'R'Better Shenandoah quilt as well now. The Shenandoah is for summer use, the Winter Nest takes me into shoulder season and I'm still thinking about what to do for winter use.
  • Pads
    • Before going on our trip in Rondane we bought a couple of Exped Downmat 7's. These things were nice and warm and worked well as a bottom for my Winter Nest quilt.
    • I got a Exped Synmat 7 UL short for Christmas. It cuts the weight of my pad in half, though I'd still use my Downmat for use in Norway in shoulder and winter season.
  • Kid carry frame
    • I have not decided on a carry frame yet. I hope to find something that is lightweight and that will also take a reasonable load of gear. The hope is that I can carry our daughter and all her kit, while my wife carries our kit. Understandably this means we need to try to go as lightweight as possible if we go for overnight camping. Here are some frames I've found so far.
    • Dueter (Thanks to Dave)
    • Bergans (Thanks to my brother Pål)
    • Vaude seems to have a large selection. Swing seems like a good choice.
    • Large test of carry frames in Norwegian 
    • Update: Ran out of time and bought a Deuter Kid Comfort 2. Now not so happy about it. Would not have bought it again as it's way too heavy and takes up too much space.
  • Sleeping suit for Ingrid
    • I really want to make sure that Ingrid is wrapped up warmly. Particularly for sleeping. Most information I can find recommends that infants do not sleep in sleeping bags but a nice warm down suit would probably be perfect. Dave suggested SpottyOtter which seems like a incredibly good fit at a not unreasonable price.
  • Outdoors wear for Ingrid
    • Again I'm looking at SpottyOtter. This might change though as I keep looking.

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